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Bernadette Thomas

Founder of Rosby Consulting


  • Culture & organisation design and development
  • Corporate Wellbeing
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership evolution
  • Generating optimal performance.

A progressive HR professional with a pragmatic approach, Bernadette is energised by supporting the transformation of organisations to adopt agile principles as well as driving change through cultural evolution. Or, to put it more plainly, she loves helping companies adapt to work better and be more successful.

Always seeking to improve business performance generating optimal performance and building a better place to work. Bernadette’s core skills span executive coaching, cultural transformation, corporate wellbeing, organisation design and development (including strategic workforce planning), leadership evolution, succession scheduling, talent management and employee engagement.

Over the course of her career working within different organisations and industries Bernadette has delivered several key projects. Most notably, she has successfully transformed traditional performance management processes to be more aligned to the organisational strategy and key deliverables as well as promoting a mindset shift to be more collaborative and forward focused. Bernadette has also designed and delivered an Executive Wellbeing programme to improve and sustain overall wellbeing as well as reduce absence and presenteeism supporting optimal performance.

Bernadette’s strengths include coaching, building effective senior leadership teams and transformational HR, thought-leading and propelling change to improve individual and organisational growth.

Our Associates

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Chloe Gibb

With a Bachelor of Business majoring in HR and an ICF coaching qualification, Chloe brings over 20 years’ experience working with leaders and managers at all levels to support them in times of growth and change.

As an ICF PCC coach, Chloe is outcome focused and uses deep active listening skills and challenging questions to get the best out of you. With her open, warm enthusiastic approach, Chloe can help to uncover your areas of development and achievements, whilst working towards your future goals.


Banks, Financial Services, Food and Service, Not for Profit, Media, Telecommunications,
Energy and Mining, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Manufacturing, Consulting, Computer
Software, Healthcare.


  • Change Management
  • Diversity
  • Leadership
  • High potentials
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Management strategy and Facilitation Training.

Rob Cross

As a former HR Director, and with years of research across a broad range of topic areas, Rob has a passion for unlocking the potential of people, helping them achieve the success and fulfilment they are searching for.

As a coach, Rob uses his experience of developing leaders, to put into practice tools and techniques that provide greater flexibility in reading the situation and taking action. Rob will analyse the context you are working within, challenging any implied assumptions and objectives you are seeking to achieve. He then works with you to define a clear set of goals that represent success across the aspects of your context. Through his coaching, you will achieve higher levels of success and fulfilment through leading with greater authenticity, purpose and mindful intention in your context.


Global Blue-chip companies, Royal Australian Air Force Officer.


  • Personal purpose and performance
  • Team development and performance
  • Vision, objectives and plan creation
  • Career transition management
  • Stakeholder influencing and management
  • Leadership approaches and practice
  • Leadership presence and presenting
  • Managing time and energy for balance
  • Identity and self-confidence

Rob Cross

Natalie Hall

With 18 years’ experience in professional services, Natalie now consults on personal and organizational wellbeing, providing executive coaching and mentoring programmes to companies on both a 1 to 1 and group basis whether it’s in person or remotely. Natalie has extensive coaching experience and is regularly in supervision to maintain her high standards in line with the EMCC Code of Conduct.


Prior to becoming an executive coach and mentor, Natalie was an M&A Partner at Deloitte. Her 18 years in the professional services industry saw her lead projects internationally for some of the biggest global companies.

In addition to Natalie’s M&A role, between 2015 and 2018, Natalie was a People Partner with the HR responsibility for a team of nearly 200. It was during this time that she developed a strong interest in people, what makes people successful and fulfilled versus stuck and unproductive. Through Natalie’s observations she began to understand the power of coaching for leaders, to increase awareness and create a compelling vision.


  • Life coaching
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Wellbeing Programmes
  • Women in Leadership Programmes


Natalie Hall

Our Philosophy

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At Rosby, we practice what we preach.

Our work is concentrated on individuals and teams, ensuring we have time for focused activity, mindful of what we want to achieve in the time allocated. We are outcome oriented and purposeful, conscious about what we do, with a reason to do it and making it matter for our clients and ourselves.

Relationships with our clients and associates matter to us and as such we aim to build trusting, long lasting connections.

We search to constantly improve our service to clients and are highly courageous, recognising that we need to continuously learn, sharing our insight and knowledge as we do so.

Rosby fosters dynamic and energetic attitudes to work and life, truly embedding change within individuals and organisations, as well as driving optimal performance.

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