Women, menopause and the mental overload

As a mum I am constantly having to make decisions about things. ‘What’s for dinner?’ ‘What can I do today?’ ‘What time are we leaving?’ ‘Can Sam come over?’ The

Fractional working

Fractional working, is this the future of work?

Fractional working. It’s becoming more popular, especially for small and medium sized businesses who don’t need or want someone full time, but they require specific expertise and someone who is


Corporate Jargon, no need to boil the ocean

Corporate language (or jargon) is constantly changing. Jargon can refer to phrases, terms or acronyms that are used within a business, a profession or an industry. Certainly, getting to grips


Career Cushioning, The Latest Trend

Career cushioning is the latest buzz term following the ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Quiet Quitting’ and essentially it means creating a safety net around your career no matter your current situation.