Keep Calm [Don’t] Carry On, Change the Conditions

‘If a plant were wilting we wouldn’t diagnose it with “wilting-plant-syndrome” – we would change its conditions.’ I love this quote from Psychologist Sanah Ahsan in a recent Guardian article.


Policies don’t change behaviour, you do.

It’s not enough for organisations to have a menopause policy, we need to change the narrative and change behaviours around how we view menopause and the impact on women in


Why build a culture of feedback?

Building a culture of feedback is no easy feat. For many of us we are triggered by the word ‘feedback’. When we hear the words, ‘I’d like to give you


It’s time. Break the bias.

In almost every aspect of life there is a bias against women. In a 2017 review of women in professional sport, there was one woman ranked in the 100 highest-paid


Flexible Working: it’s not a perk.

A few years ago, I was offered a job working for an organisation that supported flexible working. On accepting the offer, my manager and I agreed that on a Monday


Self-advocacy: more important now than ever

Self-advocating at work is becoming more important than ever. We know the Global Pandemic has inadvertently created a more selfish society, where people are not as prepared to stick their