There are many different benefits and outcomes from coaching. We work with our our coachees to identify their goals and enable them to achieve results.

Our coaches specialise in:

  • Individual coaching – whether you’ve just landed your first leadership role, looking for a promotion or want to change jobs or career. We support you to clarify your ambition and reach that next stage.
    Choose from
    > one time only single one-hour career strategy session
    > 4-week engagement to achieve a short-term goal
    > 8-12 session coaching packages
  • Empowering women – 90-minute sessions specifically designed for women to gain confidence, reignite her career spark and feel empowered to achieve her career ambitions.

  • Team coaching – working with leadership teams to deliver tangible and sustainable results for your entire ecosystem.
  • Group coaching – coaching a group around a shared or common problem they are solving for.

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