WEEK 1 LOCKDOWN LESSONS: Are yours the same as mine?

Week 1 of lockdown. Tick. If you’re like me, it feels very disorienting to be at home and not be able to go about your daily life freely. There have been several meltdowns. And not just from the kids! I have to admit, I have been anxious about the uncertainty. It feels like everyone has […]

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Have you suddenly been asked to work from home (wfh) during the Covid-19 crisis? For many of us this might be new, or it might be something we do occasionally. It feels for now it is the new normal, at least temporarily. But how should you work from home and remain connected, effective and productive?


Move Over Resilience, ‘Flow’ Is What You Need

You know that feeling when it seems like only 10 minutes have passed, and yet 5 hours have gone by and you didn’t even notice? Or, if you’re a runner, when you have jogged 10 kilometres and you feel like it’s only been 2 kms (does that ever happen?). Or on the flip side, when you’ve run for 10 minutes and it feels like 5 hours (more likely).

This could well be because you’re in a state of ‘flow’ – or not. Now that may sound a bit strange? But actually, finding your flow is a really powerful tool that may help you with any challenge that life throws your way – either professionally or personally.

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Performance fatigue

Performance Fatigue

We arrived home after a stroll in the park only to find the mortice lock on our front door broken and we couldn’t get in. It was metal fatigue, according to the locksmith we had to call out (on Boxing Day no less!). The metal in the mechanism broke for no particular reason. It had just become worn. Overworked. It simply snapped.

It made me think about how many of us unknowingly suffer from fatigue particularly when performing the same tasks or activities day after day. What’s the potential result?

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