Toxic Culture, it’s just not even worth the pain!

In recent years, there has been increasing awareness and discussion about the prevalence and harmful impact of toxic workplace cultures. A toxic workplace culture is one where behaviours and practices undermine the wellbeing and productivity of employees. It can manifest in various ways, sometimes quite overtly including harassment, bullying, discrimination, micromanagement, but often it’s covert …

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FIKA FRIDAY: Let’s start a cinnamon bun revolution…

How many of us know that we should move away from our desks and switch off from technology when we eat our lunch? Yet, how many days a week do you just sit in front of your computer checking your phone whilst quickly eating your lunch ‘al desko’? Fika encourages you to change these habits and actually have a chat to colleagues.

Psychological safety: the launch pad for high-performance at work??

How many times have you felt afraid to raise an issue, a failing, or a concern? What if, instead, you felt supported to raise any concern? And imagine how much more effective and perhaps satisfied you would feel – and your team. And if you’re a boss, envisage an environment of openness, courage and curiosity and how motivating that can be for those you lead.