Toxic Culture, it’s just not even worth the pain!

In recent years, there has been increasing awareness and discussion about the prevalence and harmful impact of toxic workplace cultures. A toxic workplace culture is one where behaviours and practices undermine the wellbeing and productivity of employees. It can manifest in various ways, sometimes quite overtly including harassment, bullying, discrimination, micromanagement, but often it’s covert …

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Career Cushioning, The Latest Trend

Career cushioning is the latest buzz term following the ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Quiet Quitting’ and essentially it means creating a safety net around your career no matter your current situation. ‘Career cushioning’… it makes me think of having a trampoline that you can fall onto and bounce back up from – often higher than the …

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Change How We Work, For The better

We have this amazing opportunity right now to change how we work, for the better. Some people and companies are fully embracing this chance but others, well, they’re not. I don’t think we should look at ‘hybrid is the new way of working’, many of us have been working in a hybrid / agile / …

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Working Parents Need Compassionate Leaders (now more than ever)

It’s no surprise that we’ve been coaching so many women recently who are looking at alternative career options. There is no possible way, as working parents, we can work in traditional settings where we’re expected to be online, working 9am-5pm (give or take a few hours) Monday to Friday. Of course, a lot of organisations …

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New job

Welcoming a new team member, the virtual way

Even at the best of times, starting a new job can be daunting. Getting to know your new colleagues, working out ‘how we do things around here’, navigating everything from office politics to a new IT system – or simply finding somewhere that does your coffee just the way you like it. So, imagine joining …

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Psychological safety: the launch pad for high-performance at work??

How many times have you felt afraid to raise an issue, a failing, or a concern? What if, instead, you felt supported to raise any concern? And imagine how much more effective and perhaps satisfied you would feel – and your team. And if you’re a boss, envisage an environment of openness, courage and curiosity and how motivating that can be for those you lead.

Flexible working: all you need is… trust

A senior exec once said to me: ‘I can see how agile working is a benefit, but only for experienced staff members who already know what they’re doing’. Well, some might say learning happens during watercooler conversations or ear-wigging more senior people in meetings or on the phone. But, let’s say a ‘junior’ member of the team is on research duty, why is the office a more productive environment than, say, a home or a library? For me, this comment emphasised a lack of trust in their team as a whole and smacked of closed mindedness.